Divide and conquer.

After pulling pieces from various coats of arms of both Butler and Ormonde (they share the same elements), I converted all components to straight black & white to illustrate separately. Still looking for a good ground to place it on, but this is plenty to start with



While I majored in design in college, I minored in archaeology. Not really sure why, I have just always had a deep passion for archaeology and didn't want to leave it behind. I did know that I would probably never actually be an archaeologist. But, I do like to include archaeology-inspired logo concepts whenever they are appropriate. Here are two concepts that were presented but didn't make the cut: CompliaSense uses an ancient Greek Athenian Owl coin to represent knowledge and diligence, while ICG Advisors uses a neolithic Irish maze carving the represent problem solving.


An overdo facelift.

Ever since my wife traced my geneology to the Butler family, I have spent some time looking at various Butler coats of arms (after all, they're just very old logos when it comes right down to it). And, I'm disappointed with what I've found. They are either the cheesy heat transfer variety, or just, well, meh. Except for the ones I've found carved in stone above doorways in Ireland. But I'm fairly confident that those look so good because they are carved in stone. The Butler coat needs to retain it's rich and diverse history but be brought into the 21st century with updated elegance. So it's time to update it. I'll post as I go.